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By becoming a Member, you open the doors to a world of possibilities, where you can forge lasting connections, enjoy exclusive amenities, and embrace a truly exceptional lifestyle. Joining the Seabrook community is an opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Contract Types

At The Seabrook of Hilton Head, an entrance fee resident member pays a one-time membership fee and an ongoing monthly service fee. A second person fee applies if there are two members entering the same residence.


Declining Balance

Under a traditional, Declining Balance Contract, the entrance fee refund could amortize (decline) by 25% per year for the first four years, for example. In this case, there is no remaining refund after four years. The entrance fee amount of a declining balance plan is usually lower than a plan of higher refund, for example a 50% refund plan. Declining Balance: 48 months are 2% per month plus a one-time 4% admin fee.


50% Refund Entrance Plan

Under a 50% Refund Entrance Fee Plan, a member is entitled to a refund of 50% of the original entrance fee upon leaving. The refund balance can also be utilized if the member were to outlive their finances, thus allowing The Seabrook to use the refund balance to subsidize services if the member needs to access these funds while still living in the community.



The Seabrook offers select apartments under a rental agreement. This option may be the right option for someone who is not sure of making a long term commitment, but wants to try the Seabrook Lifestyle. Rental contracts require one time entrance fee typically under $10,000. The monthly fee is slightly higher than that of an entrance fee or equity purchase. The rental program offers access to all amenities and services at the Seabrook and rental residents enjoy like services as other contract types.

Cost Comparison

By opting for a senior living community, you can gain financial predictability. Monthly fees cover a range of services and amenities, allowing you to plan your budget with confidence and avoid unexpected costs that can arise when staying home. The Seabrook provides on-site care options that can be more cost-effective, especially when considering shared resources and economies of scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Application process for Membership?

To become a Member of The Seabrook, prospective residents must have a medical evaluation form completed by their physician acknowledging their ability to live independently; they also must complete a personal financial statement which lists sources for annual revenue and liquid-owned assets such as stocks, bonds, annuities, etc. Real estate is not considered a liquid asset until it is sold. Once the applicant has been approved both medically and financially, they will meet with the Executive Director.

How does the Entry Fee Contract arrangement work?

The Entry Fee Contract is an Agreement between the new resident and The Seabrook. The new resident makes a one-time upfront payment (Entry Fee Payment) to the Seabrook and is entitled to reside in the condominium for as long as they wish. When the resident decides to no longer live in the unit (or cannot live independently), they can terminate the lease and no longer be responsible for the Resident's Monthly Fee. The resident or his/her heirs will receive a 50% refund of the Entry Fee Payment once a comparable unit is occupied again by a new resident (FIFO).

What are my options when it comes to dining?

The Seabrook dining room Is open 7 days a week, serving Lunch and Dinner Monday through Saturday, with Brunch on Sunday. Members can select either Lunch or Dinner. There is no assigned seating and you may be seated any time during dining hours. When dining in the dining room, Members have a choice of ordering off the menu and being served at the table, or going through the buffet where they can select what and how much they want to eat. The buffet is set up in three (3) different stations: salads/fruit; entrees and sides; and desserts. Members also have the option of choosing "take-out" of meals at prescribed times or having meals delivered to their residence for a small fee.

How does Home Health & Wellness care work?

The Seabrook's licensed Home Health & Wellness Department provides an array of health services under the direction of a registered licensed nurse in the resident's condominium for a fee. Health services such as: pill management and med reminders, allergy shots, and Private Duty services (4 hour minimum) can be provided.

What additional expenses should I budget for beyond the Resident's Monthly Fee?

As a Member of The Seabrook, you will have the following expenses in addition to your Resident's Monthly Fee: monthly electric bill ($50-$100), landline or cell phone and internet option and premium cable option. Most residents continue to budget for entertainment and meals off campus as well as weekly food staples.

What do Medicare and Long-Term Health Insurance pay for at the Fraser Health Center?

Medicare will pay for up to 100 days of a short-term rehabilitation stay at the Fraser depending upon the need and whether they have had a three-night "Qualifying Stay'' in the hospital prior to admittance. Medicare does not pay for long-term care except under Part B for out-patient therapy. Long-Term Health Insurance pays according to the individual policy and they are all different, so insurance coverage will be a function of the individual policy.

What’s the Financial Stability of The Seabrook?

The Seabrook is a not-for-profit entity that is directed by a Board of Trustees made up of five (5) elected residents and six (6) community business leaders. The Seabrook of Hilton Head, Inc. is the management team hired to oversee day to day operations of the under the direction of the Executive Director. The Seabrook Members take a conservative financial approach in managing their money in that they do not borrow money for capital expenditures. The Seabrook of Hilton Head, Inc. Financial Report to the Board of Trustees is available for viewing at any time. The Seabrook is a debt-free community.

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