Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Services Available at The Seabrook of Hilton Head

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The Fraser Health Center

The Fraser Health Center is the Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation component of the Seabrook. Seabrook residents enjoy priority access to available rooms and health care services. Residents who have been a Member for at least a year receive a discounted daily rate when using Fraser Health Center long term care services. Medicare benefits are also accepted for eligible residents.The Fraser Health Care is a licensed, Medicare-certified Skilled Nursing Facility with 33 private rooms and private bathrooms. A full complement of physical, occupational and speech therapists are available to address your rehabilitation needs.
Twenty-four hours a day, our professional staff is dedicated to our philosophy of assisting residents to achieve and maintain their optimal level of functioning in a small, home-like environment. Our dedicated staff members respect the dignity of each individual and recognize their physical, mental and emotional needs and rights. We are honored to say that our Fraser staff has enabled our facility to have a high profile reputation of providing the best care available. As a dedicated wing of the Seabrook House, our residents enjoy the same fabulous food served in the Dining Room and Seabrook Members can continue to enjoy access to Seabrook activities and amenities. The Fraser Health Center has received multiple 5-Star Ratings from the Center for Medical Services. Fraser Health Center has also been recognized in US News and World Report’s listing of the Best Nursing Home lists.

Home Health & Wellness For All

The Seabrook’s Home Health & Wellness department provides home health aides for morning or evening care and assisting residents with daily tasks. Longer companion care periods can be provided if needed from four to 24 hours. Bottom line: health services are conveniently available at affordable rates and you can continue to live in your own home.

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