The Seabrook
of Hilton Head

300 Woodhaven Drive
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

The Seabrook is a Not-For-Profit Community

The Seabrook of Hilton Head, Inc. is a “not-for-profit” entity and has been recognized as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt public charity by the Internal Revenue Service and the South Carolina Tax Commission.

The Seabrook is a debt-free community. All of the revenues are used to the benefit of the residents and the community at large. Because there is no “corporation” or investors, we are able to keep our membership cost and monthly fees substantially lower than “for profit” communities.

Donations to the Seabrook help control costs and keep any annual increases in fees at a minimum. Major renovations of the Fraser Health Care facility, purchase of health care equipment and other projects have been funded through donations.

The Seabrook helps residents extend their financial resources by maintaining skilled nursing rates below comparable facilities in the area. This reduces the number of people utilizing state tax supported health services and reduces the burden on the community at large.

Seabrook offers meeting space at no charge to other not-for-profit groups, such as Life Long Learning, garden clubs, opera clubs, etc. This allows these organizations to expand their services while controlling costs. These groups open their meetings to Seabrook residents at no charge. We also offer our health care facilities to local colleges and technical schools for training purposes.

The charitable mission extends to staff as well. Staff that has faced hardship through a natural disaster has been assisted as well as scholarship opportunities to further their skill sets and education. This has fostered a close relationship between residents and staff. The Seabrook consistently has one of the lowest turnover rates of staff in the state. This provides consistency and continuity of service for the residents.


The Seabrook of Hilton Head is a non-profit community-based, church oriented continuing-care retirement community, dedicated to the enhancement of the quality of life and health of its Residents.

In keeping with this mission, its goals are:

  1. To continually strive to provide a secure, caring environment that provides enrichment through social, recreational, nutritional and health-related services offered at the lowest feasible cost.
  2. To subsidize the operating cost of the Fraser Health Center.
  3. To offer subsidized services to a limited number of individuals who qualify by need, who are either currently Resident members, or who might become Residents, provided that such subsidy does not adversely affect the operation of The Seabrook.
  4. To be responsive to the general public, serving as a community center, offering programs for the benefit of Residents of the area.
  5. To be responsive to the concerns of its staff members, providing guidance or assistance as needed, within its power to do so.
  6. To monitor the changing needs of its constituents, as well as governmental and regulatory changes, and be pro-active in adapting to these changes.